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The year was 1965, the day was warm and the sand was hot. A young boy was visiting the beach for the first time. Hours past as the young boy played with his bucket and shovel, digging in the sand, oblivious to the rising tide. As the sun began to set and the crowds of people lessened the child finished his castle and beamed with pride as he called for his parents to come see his masterpiece.....

Then he heard the crash of the largest wave of the day, his head turned toward the ocean and he watched in horror as the water raced up the shore, higher than ever before. He thought his castle was saved as the water stopped inches short of his creation. Suddenly he saw the second swell cresting the rise in the beach and rolling back down toward the ocean. His eyes swelled with tears as his cherished sand castle was destroyed by the water returning to the ocean. His hours of work disappearing in moments.

The child cried, and cried, and cried, and promised never to go to the beach again.

Sounds like a great beginning to the story of "Sand Man" Jay, however, I made it all up. I am waiting for Jay to write something for this page. He has not, I needed something.

I have known Jay for over 25 years and am amazed by his sand creations. His work needed a home. Outside of pictures and memories all he has to show for his time and creativity is a sunburn and lots of new friends.

I hope you appreciate Jay's work as much as I do. He takes requests, give him a call or send an email to jay@sand-tastic.com.